Alpine Soil Mixer

ALPINE is a valuable part of a turn-key in situ soil remediation or stabilization service

Scalable mixing equipment means the equipment is appropriately sized for the dimensions of the project. Small scale mixing equipment for compact excavators allows mixing at smaller but more numerous sites. Large scale multi-drum equipment for excavators 100+ tons can also be supplied.



Transverse, In-line (axial), and dual-axial blenders mixing tools are available.

Wide selection of hydraulic motors permits optimal mixer speed and torque to suit encountered ground conditions. For example, the AX-E110 can operate from 90 – 147 hp at speeds of 0 – 170 rpm. This bidirectional head allows augering for penetration and lifting for tool extraction and injection of reagent.

Mixing blade configuration can be optimized per site conditions. These are not “one size fits all” tools because each job and site conditions are unique.  Mixing blade angle is adjustable and Mixing blade length is selected to match ground conditions

Variable speed hydraulic motors allow optimum drum RPM

Available with rock picks located on drum base to break through highly compact soil layers and rock.

Robust durable equipment will not be damaged by buried rock, construction materials, or other debris.

Alpine blenders offer a more uniform delivery of remediation amendments.

Eliminates costly handling and transport of contaminated soil required by other methods.

Dry soil and or sludge / slurry material can be mixed.

Custom extension brackets allow mixing to specified depths.