Soil Plus Hijau


SOIL PLUS GREEN is a complete liquid organic fertilizer to improve the crops health, quality and quantity of the harvest.

This product contain high N element which can accelerate plant growth in general, especially during the vegetative phase.

The benefits of using SOIL PLUS GREEN can be summarized as follows :

  • Environment friendly products.
  • Contains comprehensive nutrient elements as well as micro macro life for growth/fertility of crops.
  • Can usually be applied with routine pesticide or herbicide sprays
  • Can improve crops health, quality and quantity of the harvest.
  • Can be reduced up to 25% from use of Chemical Fertilizer.
  • Efficient and easy to use, dilute with water and sprayed into the soil or plants.
  • Does not contain any toxins materials and free of unhealthy or harmful bacteria levels.
  • Minimize loss from leaching.
  • Very competitive price and economics.