As company supporting environmental conservation, PT Green Planet Indonesia (GPI) provide various environmental-friendly product as follows:

  1. Product for Agriculture and Plantation.
  2. Product for Land Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Projects.

Product for Agriculture and Plantation

Quality and yield of a product is the most important thing in terms of marketing in addition to environmental concerns. Market competition is very tight, pushing GPI to always try its utmost to improve and maintain the quality of organic fertilizer products constantly. To protect the quality of the product, PT. Green Planet Indonesia has obtained the registration number of DEPTAN (Department of Agriculture) through quality testing, laboratory analysis and testing content in effectiveness in the field, for Subur Ijo, Green Farm, Soil Up and Soil Plus. In addition, two products of GPI, which are Humega Liquid and Humega Crumbles, has also been certified by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

In production activities, GPI strive to reduce the negative impact that may be caused to the environment and always tried to produce environmentally friendly products in accordance with the vision  of GPI. Testing the quality and efficiency on an ongoing basis is always done as an effort to improvements and perfections, both in equipment and technology.


Product for Land Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Projects

Instead of hydroseeding implementation services, GPI also providing materials such as mulch, Tackifier, grass seeds or Legum Cover Crop (LCC) for hydroseeding purposes to exploration companies and oil companies which already have their own hydroseeding teams.

The growth of  various infrastructure projects and spread around Indonesia need many hydroseeding service provider, which also need vendors. To support this growth, GPI also provides all requirements related to hydroseeding implementation from hydroseeding machine providence, and high quality and environmental-friendly supporting material with competitive price.

Products which offered by GPI related to land rehabilitation and infrastructure projects are as follows:

  1. Machinery and equipment.
  2. Hydroseeding materials / Erosion Control and Sediment Control.