PT. Green Planet Indonesia is a privately owned company established by the National Minister of Law and Legislation Decree No: C-7322 dated March 24, 2010 HT.01.01.TH.201 .The Company is engaged in the provision of services and products are environmentally friendly.

The first four years PT. Green Planet Indonesia are in the stages of development through research and studies in cooperation with the Bogor Institute of Agriculture through the Forest and Environment Biotechnology Laboratory, Biotechnology Research Center of IPB. In addition, the company collaborates with companies such as PT. Astra Agro Lestari, PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia and PT. Kalimantan Prima Coal, etc.

Four second year, the company entered the commercial stage, by supplying the products of research are particularly environmentally friendly to business sectors of oil palm plantations and horticultural crops (Bio Agro Business Trading division). The Company also has served as well as bioremediation of rehabilitation services in post-mining land in mining companies, oil and gas (Bioremediation  and Revegatation division ).

Division Bio Agro Business of Trading is a division of PT. Green Planet Indonesia is responsible for the development and supply of the products of research on plantation and agricultural sectors. In order to meet specific market needs more and larger, then the PT. Green Planet began producing his own and import such products are environmentally friendly: Organic Fertilizer Granule, Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Soil Improvement, + Organic Fertilizer and Soil Improvement Fertilizer (Biological Agents and decomposers) imported  from USA.

PT. Green Planet Indonesia continue to develop the business by expanding business network in order to provide the best service for our customers and continue to do research and development , good cooperation with the research institutions such as the Oil Palm research center and the Indonesian center for rice research as well as the private sector.