Soil Plus Kuning


SOIL PLUS YELLOW is a complete liquid organic fertilizer to improve the crops health, quality and quantity of the harvest.

It's containing elements of P and K can stimulate growth and root development, accelerating flowering and fertilisation of plants, as well as speed up the concoction of seeds and fruit (generative phase).

The benefits of using SOIL PLUS YELLOW can be summarized as follows :

  • Environment friendly products.
  • Contains comprehensive nutrient elements as well as micro macro life for growth/fertility of crops.
  • Can usually be applied with routine pesticide or herbicide sprays
  • Can improve crops health, quality and quantity of the harvest.
  • Can be reduced up to 25% from use of Chemical Fertilizer.
  • Efficient and easy to use, dilute with water and sprayed into the soil or plants.
  • Does not contain any toxins materials and free of unhealthy or harmful bacteria levels.
  • Minimize loss from leaching.
  • Very competitive price and economics.